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Understanding Underpinning Cost

In this article, we will be covering underpinning costs. The costs of underpinning differ from project to project; there are a number of reasons for this which are explained below. Why you might need underpinning Underpinning is a broad term for the...

The Subsidence Forum Approved

As of the 7th of February 2019 Structural Repairs is now a member of the certified platform The Subsidence Forum. The Subsidence Forum provides a platform for contractors to converse with each other, share tips and also new technological advances that have...

Understanding Natural Building Subsidence

Subsidence is defined as the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land. Natural ground subsidence is unfortunately uncontrollable, there are ways to combat subsidence but essentially you are fighting against mother nature.Depending on the ground that...

Understanding Building Subsidence Insurance Claims

This article covers everything you need to know about building subsidence insurance claims.If you believe your property may have been a victim of ground subsidence then the best course of action is to contact your home insurance provider.Your insurer will...

Case Study – Building Subsidence In Edenbridge

This property in Edenbridge had become a victim of building subsidence. This was caused by inadequate foundations and the fact that there were large trees in the vicinity. The long hot dry summer of 2018 simply put a severe test on any building that had...

Case Study – Building Subsidence in Holland Park

Building Subsidence in Holland Park. The property in Holland park had suffered structural movement or building subsidence along with other issue that needed addressing to restore the structural integrity of the house.  This included correctly supporting...

Case Study – Crack Stitching In Oxford (OX4)

Case study Crack Stitching in Oxford – OX4We were contacted by a homeowner in Oxfordshire, OX4 area with concerns of a possible subsidence issue.The homeowner was requesting advice about improving the health of their property, as a standard procedure, we...

A Quick Guide To Understanding Different Types Of Timber Rot

Understanding different types of timber rot are vital for homeowners, if you miss the signs that your timbers have been affected then it could have some devastating effects. If timbers in your property haven’t been treated or have been neglected for a few years they...

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Fixing Structures Since 1998

Fallen Tree Damages Pillar In Eton

Trees can cause substantial damage to buildings and properties. The tree is Eton had grown substantially and its roots spread along the wall causing serious impact to the pillar when a branch eventually gave way during the heatwave of the summer of 2018. The wall and...

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How do I Fix Building Subsidence – All You Need to Know

How do I Fix Building Subsidence So, you've got spotted the wider-than-normal diagonal cracks, the wavelike wallpaper, the sticking out doors and got the terrible confirmation from a professional builder. The results are in: you've got building subsidence. It's time...

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Do I Have Building Subsidence? – All You Need to Know

Do I Have Building Subsidence Building subsidence is a major issue and one that should be taken care of right away to counteract it progressing. The rising temperatures associated with unnatural weather change are making building subsidence a tragic shared issue. On...

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Building Subsidence Survey – All You Need to Know

A Building Subsidence Survey All You Need to Know Have you had that sinking feeling of beginning to think your house is well sinking? You may have spotted the tell-tale signs and have started to worry. Well, if so, it is a prerequisite that you get a qualified...

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Building Subsidence – The What, the Why and the Fix

Building Subsidence The What, the Why, and the fix Building subsidence is a common occurrence after a long period of hot dry weather. This is a result of the ground drying out and some soils will shrink when this happens, especially clay. The majority of London is...

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6 Signs You Have Structural Problems That Need Repair

6 Signs You Have Structural Problems That You Need To RepairThe Prevention and the cure It is very common for buildings to have some kind of structural damage. While this is often very noticeable; there are other times with properties in Staines where structural...

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A Complete Guide To Beam Underpinning

A Complete Guide To Beam UnderpinningThe Prevention and the cure Great things are built on great foundations, and that is no different when building a strong and secure home for you and your loved ones. The strength of your home will greatly depend on the quality of...

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An Essential Guide On Piled Underpinning

An Essential Guide On Piled Underpinning The Prevention and the cure A stitch in time saves nine is not just a saying for your clothes. Repairing your home's foundational issues in a timely manner can save your home from further structural damage and even prevent it...

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Base Underpinning… The What How And Why

Base Underpinning... The What How And Why The Prevention and the cure Realising that your property has structural weaknesses can be a real worry and even dangerous. There are a number of underpinning techniques that can ensure your building regains its strength and...

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Basement Structural Repairs

Basement Structural Repairs The Prevention and the cure The structural integrity of your basement is key to the structural integrity of your entire property, so if you've noticed any bumps, bulges or cracks in your basement's floors and walls, this is not a good sign....

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Bulging Wall Repairs

Bulging Wall RepairsThe Prevention and the cure Bulging walls are frequently seen along the flank and gable elevations of the property, and is most often found in Victorian and Edwardian properties, although it can be seen in any age of property. Especially when a...

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Church Structural Repairs

Church Structural RepairsThe Prevention and the cure Church buildings are, by their nature, often very old and therefore are at considerable risk of deterioration over time. Although some wear and tear is only to be expected from such ancient structures, professional...

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Diamond Drilling

All You Need to Know - Diamond Drilling The Prevention and the cure Diamond drills are one of the few tools, if the only one, that is appreciated by both construction workers and archaeologists. They are versatile tools ready to take on a number of construction tasks...

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