This house has experienced severe structural damage as a result on poor foundations, the ground conditions along with large trees in the vicinity. The traditionally constructed property now requires extreme structural repairs that include, piling, underpinning and crack stitching repairs.

The cracks have opened up to approximately 50mm in place to both the front, rear and side elevations.

A complete structural survey has been undertaken and remedial works have been designed by a qualified structural engineer to address the building subsidence that will not only prevent further movement but also stabilise and address the structural cracking.

This will be done by piling the main walls to the property, there will be both driven in both externally and internally. Other sections of the building will be underpinned and when these works have been undertaken extensive crack stitching will commence.

If you have concerns about your property, our in-house team of qualified structural engineers can undertake a full structural survey to identify these issues. We can then address any structural repairs required by our highly skilled in-house structural repair specialists who undertake site investigation reports, piling, crack stitching and underpinning. Contact us for a free consultation.