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building subsidence
Have you had that sinking feeling of beginning to think your house is well sinking? You may have spotted the tell-tale signs and have started to worry. Well, if so, it is a prerequisite that you get a qualified professional to complete a building subsidence survey. Here, we will take a look at these surveys and explain everything you need to know about them.

What is Building Subsidence?

Building subsidence refers to a downward motion of a building as though it is sinking further into the earth?s surface. When it comes buildings, what can seem like the smallest of subsidence can in fact have huge consequences on the structural integrity of the building and the safety of its occupants. There are many signs of building subsidence, including large diagonal cracks, and windows and doors sticking to their frames, among others.

If you suspect your building is suffering from building subsidence, it is time to take quick action and get a building subsidence survey completed.

Here at Structural Repairs we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help with building subsidence in London and the surrounding areas.

What is a Building Subsidence Survey?

A Building Subsidence Survey involves a structural engineer assessing your property to determine whether it is experiencing subsidence, and if so, to what degree and areas the subsidence is occurring.

This survey is a thorough and careful inspection. The inspection will also assess if the current subsidence will continue to develop into an even more serious issue – i.e. if it will make the property inhabitable and unsafe. The engineer will then be able to inform you of any corrective work that will need completing.

Our building subsidence specialists team have carried out successful inspections in areas such as London, Oxford, Aylesbury, Luton, Watford, Guildford and many more.

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What Does a Building Subsidence Survey Involve?

The engineer will initially perform a cosmetic inspection by looking at the property’s walls, flooring and ceilings. They may need to delve deeper and inspect hidden parts of your property on some occasions.

Structural engineers performing such surveys do not always operate alone. Depending on the suspected cause and extent of the issue, other professionals may need to join the assessment. If building subsidence may be a result of nearby forestry, a tree surgeon may be called in. Whereas identifying drainage systems as potential causes will mean a drainage specialist may be asked to come along.

What to Do if the Engineer Offers You a Quote to Correct Any Issues?

There is a strong possibility that the engineer completing your survey will go on to offer you a quote to fix your sinking castle. We would recommend you hold off accepting this quote and to shop around first. You can always go back to the engineer in the future. Albeit, we wouldn?t recommend waiting too long as rectifying building subsidence should be a priority.

Structural RepairsEngineering Services will always provide you with a quote to match the quality of our work. In and around the surrounding areas London such as Kingston, Richmond, Epsom, Croydon and many more we offer building subsidence inspection callouts quickly for your convenience.

Accurate and Trustworthy Building Subsidence Surveys

If you are trying to seek out a professional building subsidence surveyor, you need to do your research. Such an important inspection needs to only be carried out by a qualified and highly experienced engineer. Opting for cheaper surveyors may mean missing out on important aspects of your subsidence issue and any methods you choose to rectify the issue may need repeating.

Our Structural Repairs building subsidence specialist team are fully qualified and have the experience from hundreds of inspections as far as Milton Keynes, Winchester, Whitchurch, Crawley, Sevenoaks and more.

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